When shopping for propane burners, it's easy to get intimidated by what you see, but there are a couple important things to keep in mind.

Bayou Double Jet Propane Burner

The very first question you want to ask yourself is "What will I be using this for?" The answer to that question makes the rest of the decision process rather simple. If you're looking for a single purpose burner that does the work of boiling a huge pot of water very well - think crab or crawfish boil - then the double jet burners are the way to go. And if you need a double jet burner with a windscreen - well, we've got that too!

Bayou Cooker Propane Burner

Now if you're saying to yourself that I need something that is more multi-purpose than that, a double jet burner may not be for you. If you're firing up a pot of jambalaya, then those double jets will get things nice and scorched on the bottom before the top of your 30-gallon pot of andouille and shrimp ever gets warm. That's when you want a burner with a cast iron heating element. Cast iron is renowned for its ability to distribute and retain heat evenly. This is perfect for those pots that you need to bring up to temperature slowly, and then simmer at a consistent rate for a good long time. Soups, stews, and anything that has a starchy or sugary element that could burn easily are perfect for cooking over a cast iron element.

Of course, there's also your garden variety outdoor stove, which is perfect for the camper or outdoor chef who wants a convenient cooking surface for pots and pans that doesn't require a great deal of time to get up to temperature. These don't have the same high-pressure burners that the above examples feature (10 PSI vs. 20 PSI or more), but they'll do the job on smaller cooking recipes.

There are also full kits for the fish cooker in the family, which can also be used for other tasks, but keep in mind that huge pots of boiling water should not be heated at waist level!!

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