As you know, we here at the Outdoor Chef Store are out back using our grills just about every day. And while we love to grill, we also want to make a difference in how folks cook outdoors, and bring green solutions to your outdoor kitchen. And while the idea of this may at first sound like a chore, some of the means are well within the disposal of every outdoor chef. Today's post is the first in a series of how-to's on being more eco-friendly when you grill. 

If you haven't discovered it yet, plank cooking is a terrific way to add a delicate amount of smoking wood flavor to your meats, seafood and veggies.  Our YouTube site has a great selection of plank cooking techniques, and even some tips on using papers for cooking and grilling as well. Right now it's salmon season up here in Seattle, so we've been planking up a storm!! (I've even got one soaking in the sink as I write this!)

While your tendency when you're done planking may be to toss those planks in the trash - DON'T! One of the easiest ways to go greener is re-using your wood planks after you're done cooking. Tim did a great video a while back on how to get another use out of those cedar, alder, oak, and maple planks, and we thought we'd share it with our friends here too. So enjoy!!