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iPlant Indoor Sprouting Garden w/ FREE Seeds iPlant Indoor Sprouting Gar...

Get a free packet of Salad Sprout Blend with your order!

Fresh Sprouts Right From Your Kitchen Counter! 

  • The plastic used in iPlant™ is environmentally safe, non-toxic, imparts no taste, is abrasion resistant, and easy to clean.
  • An automatic water-sprinkler consistently provides sufficient water to grow the sprouts.
  • Our special ventilation design provides fresh air and oxygen to promote optimum sprout growth.
  • The temperature controlled, automated heating system efficiently and automatically adjusts the temperature underneath the growing beds—producing great harvests in any season.
  • The translucency of the plant tank and the cover’s double layer insulating design provide optimum sprouting conditions for vegetables attracted to sunlight—causing them to sprout quicker and promote rapid growth.
  • Designed to provide a quiet and stable growing environment. 
  • The Eco-Friendly energy efficient design consumes very little power—during both heating and non-heating cycles. 
  • On average, iPlant™ uses under 0.5KW.H of power over 24 hours—which usually costs just a few cents.

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