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EcoQue Wood-Fired Pizza Oven and Smoker Generation 3- SOLD OUT for Now EcoQue Wood-Fired Pizza Ove...

The EXTENDED Summer Promotion Has Now Ended!  We are SOLD OUT until some time this Fall due to Covid-19.  We have 90 more ovens in production including a new Propane/Wood Hybrid model, but we will not be getting any more in until the Travel Ban is Lifted. We inspect everything we make overseas before it departs for the US.  If you would like us to send you a notification when we are back in stock on both models, Please feel free to contact us at:


When we are back in stock, we look forward to offering 2 models.  The original Generation 3 Wood burning version and a new Propane.Wood Hybrid model.  The promotion will continue for a limited time on the EcoQue Wood-Fired Pizza Oven & Smoker GENERATION 3 w/STARTER PACK  ACCESSORIES PLUS Bonus Accessory Pack! (Limited Time)

Generation 3 of our ORIGINAL EcoQue Wood-Fired Pizza Oven and Smoker-This version also includes a Starter Pack of Accessories:  Top Cover, Base Cart Cover, Digital Probe Thermometer and Laser Infrared Thermometer.  For those who know that outdoor cooking is about more than just grilling, EcoQue introduces the most versatile outdoor cooking center you'll ever own. 

ALL NEW!!  GENERATION 3 OF OUR HIGHLY RATED OVEN IS HERE. The EcoQue Wood-Fired Pizza Oven and Smoker can handle any task your indoor oven could, but with the irreplaceable flavor that only cooking over real hardwood can deliver. It also now allows for the option of direct Wood Grilling right on the pull-out firebox.  But the EcoQue also operates with unprecedented energy efficiency, so all of your fuel is used to cook efficiently and not wasted.

  • TWO Separate, stainless steel lined smoker and brick ovens
  • Luminous dial smoker oven door thermometer, surface thermometer for the pizza baking stone along with a complete Digital Thermometer system- 2-Probe Wireless Thermometer & Laser Thermometer.
  • Dual Cooking-Bake bread or side dishes while smoking ribs or roasting meats in the oven above.
  • Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven also has a 2nd rack for baking.  Deluxe cooking stone sits on 6 high heat absorbing bricks.  Chip Strip provided to deliver optional smoke flavor inside the stone oven.  Rear Escape Vent allows excess moisture and smoke control.
  • Additional stone mounted on the pizza oven roof delivers radiant heat from above to increase browning and store heat. 
  • SS Dual Rail Slide-out firebox, has double the fuel capacity of our original model, for Robust fires.  
  • Firebox also has an optional Tuscan Cast Iron grill grate accessory for direct wood fired grilling. 
  • Air vent controls use dial out vent knobs and our Superheat Insert to deliver precise controllable fires
  • Approx. Four cubic feet of storage in the new heavy-duty cart below
  • Includes an assembled heavy-duty cart with locking casters so it can be transported for catering, storage or relocation
  • Exclusive 4-Rail Pull-Out Smoker Racks provide easy loading and unloading.  Rack features 2 wire basket trays, and a drip pan with Griddle cover to use when pulled out.  During smoking, additional moisture is provided by the drip pan that stays in place on the smoker oven bottom.
  • An ongoing Video series on our You Tube Channel presents instructions on Assembly, Cooking, Features and Models.  We will continue to add additional cooking videos to show you how to expand this unit's capabilities.
  • The Rack from EcoQue is also included.  (A $99.00 Value) This expands the capabilities of the brick oven even more, 2 Chip Strips, provided and a second pan and wire rack for the smoker oven.
  • Optional Covers for the top unit and cart, a Digital 2-ProbeThermometer, a Laser Thermometer, and a surface Thermometer are included with this unit.
  • Heavy-Duty SS Side Handles and 500 lb. Capacity Caster Wheels allow for easy movement on hard smooth surfaces.
  • Turn and Lock Chimney attachment allows the chimney to be easily removed so the unit can be wheeled inside a door for storage.
  • Footprint:  34" Wide (with handles) by 27" Deep by 69" high (at the top of the ovens) and 88" High to the top of the chimney.
  • BONUS!!  For a Limited Time, we are including the entire “The Works” Package of Accessories with your Unit.  In addition to the Oven Covers and Digital Thermometers, we are also including the Tuscan Cast Iron Grill Kit for the Firebox, Wood and Stainless Steel Pizza Peels, Pizza Stone Fiber Brush, Coal Rake/Grill Scraper, Leather Stove Gloves and Rutland Fireplace Glass Cleaner.

Expedited shipping is not available for this item. This item will only ship via ground LTL Truck freight delivery to the 48 contiguous states.  Threshold Delivery Standard.  Call for Rates on White Glove Delivery.  

Main Unit comes packed Assembled in a wood crate base w/a ramp to roll it off the skid.  All ordered Accessories are packed inside.

Shipping Weight:  600 lb.  PRICING INCLUDES DELIVERY

Manufactured in China


$2,799.00 $3,199.00


The Rack by EcoQue The Rack by EcoQue
Maximize Your Grill’s Versatility with the convective cooking system that greatly expands the potential of your gas grill. 
Turn your gas grill into a complete outdoor cooking solution. Move the heat out of the kitchen and cook everything outside! Grill, Plank, Roast and Bake to perfection—with or without smoke.
  • BARBECUE Ribs, Pork Butts, and Brisket like never before in a gas grill—and in a fraction of the time!
  • ROAST Chicken, Seafood, and Large Cuts of Meat to perfection using the water pan—with or without smoke
  • PLANK your food with The Rack’s Plank Saving Plate and save Wood Planks for reuse
  • BAKE Pizzas, Breads, and Muffins right on top of the Wire Basket 
  • DIRECT GRILL Veggies and Seafood using the searing heat of your grill without losing food through the grate
The Rack:
  • Improves your grill’s efficiency and shortens cooking times
  • Includes 2 Chip Strips to enhance your food with great smoke flavor
  • Adjusts from Light Smoke to a more Robust Smoke Flavor for BBQ 
  • Is Designed to fit under the hood of your gas grill*
* For full use of all configurations, The Rack requires a cooking space of 20” wide X 15” deep X 6” high (towards the front of the grill hood)

$39.95 $89.95


15" Stainless Steel Griddle 15" Stainless Steel Griddle

Expand your grilling options with the 15" Griddle.  Fits right on top of the EcoQue 15" Portable Grill for all your classic breakfast menus. 

$24.99 $29.99


EcoQue Tuscan Wood Grill Kit for the Generation 2 Ovens EcoQue Tuscan Wood Grill Ki...

The EcoQue Tuscan Wood Grill Kit Converts the EcoQue Wood Fired Pizza Oven's Firebox into a great wood grill! Use your oven to build a great base of perfectly prepared Wood Coals for direct grilling.

Kit Includes Leather Stove Gloves, Cast Iron Grill Grate and Grill Lifter Tool.  Also included is a Stainless Steel Coal Rake to organize your fire just right to grill perfect meals.

Custom Built to be used with only the EcoQue Generation 2 Wood Fired Ovens.

$79.99 $99.99


EcoQue Pizza Oven Replacement TOP Cover for ALL Ovens EcoQue Pizza Oven Replaceme...

Fits all of our ovens.  This is a suitable replacement for the Generation 1 Oven covers and this is the cover shipped in Generation 2 and 3 ovens.

Custom Fit Cover for the EcoQue Wood Fired Pizza Oven and Smoker

GENERATIONS 1, 2, and 3


$49.99 $69.99


EcoQue Pizza Oven Replacement BASE CART Cover (Only for Generation 2 Ovens) EcoQue Pizza Oven Replaceme...

 Only Fits the Base Cart on the Generation 2 Ovens. 

Custom Fit Cover for the NEW Base Cart for The EcoQue Wood Fired Pizza Oven and Smoker

Stock # ECO-91007

Fits Both ECO-71008 and ECO-71009 Base Carts

$39.99 $59.99


EcoQue Pizza Oven Replacement Cover Set(Only for Generation 2) EcoQue Pizza Oven Replaceme...

This set Includes both the Oven Top Cover & Base Cart Cover (ECO-91009 & ECO-91007) for Generation 2 and some Generation 3 Wood Fired Oven and Smoker

Custom Fit Covers Built for the EcoQue Wood Fired Pizza Oven and Smoker

GENERATION 2 & 3 Ovens

If you own the ECO-71008OVN (with no Base Cart) only order the ECO-91009 Top Oven Cover

$69.99 $99.99


Outdoor Pad, Heavy Duty Outdoor Pad, Heavy Duty

Use for           

  •  General Cleaning, removing minor stains on BBQ grills, concrete, and brick, removing topcoat of paint


  •  Alumina, non-woven nylon

How to use    

  •  Moisten with water, roll up into a ball and only a dab of soap if desired
  •  Scrub will get softer with use
  •  Rinse and hang to dry thoroughly after each use



Outdoor Pad, Hard Outdoor Pad, Hard

Use for           

  •  General cleaning, removing minor stains on tiles, removing moss and mold on stone


  •  Magnesia, non-woven nylon

How to use    

  •  Moisten with water, roll up into a ball and only a dab of soap if desired
  •  Scrub will get softer with use
  •  Rinse and hang to dry thoroughly after each us



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