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Our assortment of gadgets and accessories for your outdoor kitchen will astound you. But even more amazing is the quality of the products you'll find here at the Outdoor Chef Store! We wouldn't sell you anything that we wouldn't be happy to own ourselves! If you'd like us to let you know when the site is updated, sign up for our Newsletter!

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Marinade Injector Marinade Injector

Use this oversize hypodermic needle to inject basting mixtures, marinades, melted butter and other liquid flavorings deep into roasts and turkeys.  Keeps even the driest meats moist during cooking and smoking and puts the flavor in the heart of the meat. 2.5" stainless steel injector needle unscrews for easy washing.  Two hole design resists clogging.

$6.99 $10.00


Nickel-Plated Skimmer Nickel-Plated Skimmer

18" Length x 7" Bowl


$9.99 $15.00


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