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About Us

The Outdoor Chef Store is a Seattle-based online retailer of the finest products in the outdoor living market. However, we're more than just a retailer: we actually use these products, every day, as outdoor cooking enthusiasts ourselves. We test the products that come into our warehouse to help ensure that each and every customer will be ecstatic about their latest purchase from us. We know that your backyard, deck and patio are a sacred sanctuary and we want to contribute to making it a space where you can be proud to cook for your friends and family. We want you to be able to bring all the comforts of indoor living to the outdoors.

We are also a practical bunch, and we know that if we don't help to conserve the resources our planet offers, there won't be any backyards in which to cook. With this in mind, we are also looking at "Greener Ways to Grill"™, and are always seeking to improve the efficiency of your outdoor cooking set-up, or to find renewable or environmentally friendly fuel sources for your outdoor grill or pizza oven. As you browse our site, keep an eye out for these products, as your purchase will help ensure that generations to come can enjoy our planet as much as we do!

The Outdoor Chef Store
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