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Coming soon to The Outdoor Chef Store: A new indoor sprouting solution - iPlant!

iPlant Sprouting Garden

It's been known for years: Sprouts are a tremendous source of nutritious vitamins and minerals and can offer benefits that no other vegetable source can match. From cancer fighting phytochemicals to folic acid, vitamins B & C and much more, sprouts are becoming a mainstay in the diet of anyone who eats healthy. But more than just nutritious, sprouts also taste great and add crunch and flavor to all sorts of dishes. But all this has come at a tremendous expense - until now.

With the iPlant Indoor Sprouting Garden, eating sprouts daily is now affordable. Instead of paying five dollars or more for a packet of sprouts at the grocery, you can get four times as much for your money with an iPlant! And while it has become common knowledge that grocery store sprouts are one of the most likely sources of e. coli or salmonella, by sprouting at home you virtually eliminate the risk of contamination with our pre-screened sprout seeds!

iPlant will soon be available at The Outdoor Chef Store in three colors, as will a full assortment of sprouting seeds and optional accessories. So sign up or our mailing list to get updates, as well as a coupon good for 10% off your next order!