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Smokin' Hot Deal
Smokin' Hot Deal
  • Smokin' Hot Deal

Smokin' Hot Deal


This package has everything for the outdoor chef who loves to smoke: three kinds of chips, three kinds of rub, a Wood Chip Soaker Set, Lightning Bug Firestarters, and more!! Whether it's throwing a picnic on for some low and slow, or smoking a chicken for the family reunion, you can do it all with this package. Normally retailing at $81.00, get it all for a limited time for $68.99.


  • OUT-F703 - Mesquite Wood Smoking Chips
  • OUT-F705 - Hickory Wood Smoking Chips
  • OUT-F709 - Apple Wood Smoking Chips
  • CHAR-CC9397 - Smoke in a Cup for BBQ
  • CHAR-SR8023 - Wood Chip Double Soaker
  • LIG-B36BB - 36 Lightning Bugs (2 Boxes)
  • DOU-TRIO - Rub Trio: Salmon, Chicken, Steak
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